Music is a vital component of humanity and culture, and every human being has an aptitude for music.  Music is one of the most accessible and universal languages, spanning all cultures and ages.  It is a mode of expression that captures what is inexpressible through words in a meaningful and positive way.  Because of this, music education is essential in the school curriculum, teaching students a combination of life skills in a way no other subject can emulate.

As a teacher, I hope to inspire a love for many different types of music in my students, foster critical thinking skills that apply to the music they play and to which they listen, facilitate the acquisition of lifelong learning skills (developing confidence to overcome obstacles, discipline, and basic coordination), and prepare my students to function effectively in groups.

In order to fulfill my philosophy, I hope to incorporate learning through a variety of methods.  I will treat each of my students as individuals, tailoring my instruction to their needs.  I will try to consistently remain animated and enthusiastic, offering motivation and encouragement rather than constant criticism.  Also, I will maintain an organized and stimulating classroom environment.  By giving clear, simple instructions (embedded with repetition) and respecting my students, I hope to foster relationships through music.  Overall, I will support my students’ musical efforts and emphasize the process more than the product, and through doing so, I hope to dispel an intimidation of music so that students can learn to study music, discover its value, and find it to be fun and meaningful.

During private lessons, I focus on improvement in technique, tone, and expression as a foundation for musical understanding.   My goal is to increase students’ appreciation and understanding of musical concepts and performance, inspiring them to become independent musicians.

Tunes for Tots is designed to prepare children to become musical in three ways, according to the First Steps in Music curriculum:
  1. “Tuneful” – to have tunes in their heads and learn to coordinate their voices to sing those tunes.
  2. “Beatful” – to feel the pulse of music and how that pulse is grouped in either twos or threes.
  3. “Artful” – to be moved by music in the many ways music can elicit an emotional response.