Accelerate your child's development in song, rhythm, and expressiveness in these early childhood music classes!  The classes are centered on First Steps in Music, an innovative, research-based curriculum formed by John Feierabend, a national leader in early childhood music education.  With your child, you will sing and chant traditional folk songs and rhymes, explore with musical instruments, and participate in fun beat and movement activities.  Tunes for Tots will fill your little one with a sense of wonder, imagination, and musical intuition that he or she can enjoy throughout life!

Unique Aspects of the First Steps in Music Curriculum:
  • Based on folk and traditional songs and rhymes because of their natural melodic expressiveness, natural flow of the language, and texts filled with wonder.
  • Based on early childhood research related to the development of:
    • Music intelligence
    • Singing skills
    • Sensitivity to the beat and beat groups
    • Expressive movement
    • Musical memory
    • Neurological Connections
Suggested Guidelines for Parents:
  • Parents must participate in all activities.
  • The classes are for the parents to learn the activities as well as for the children’s enjoyment.
  • Children often are unresponsive in class and participate more freely at home between classes.  This is normal.  Parents should learn the activities during class time so they can share them with their children during more receptive times at home.
  • Try not to talk to other adults during class.  Focus on your child.
  • Do not compare one child’s accomplishments to another’s.  Children develop at different rates.  Later development is sometimes better!

If you have further questions or wish to enroll, please contact me: